After an arrest, it’s imperative the arrested person contacts a lawyer for assistance. The lawyer can help the arrested person minimize potential penalties or, in some cases, avoid being convicted altogether. Hiring a lawyer at the right time is crucial to ensure the lawyer has plenty of time to prepare a defense for the arrested person.

Before There are Charges

Depending on the situation, there are times when someone may believe an arrest is imminent. If they’re being accused of a crime or believe they could be accused of a crime, they can go ahead and contact a lawyer right away. The lawyer can let them know what to do and say before the arrest as well as give them advice on how to handle the arrest if it occurs. If the person is arrested, the lawyer is already familiar with the situation and ready to help.

Immediately After Being Charged

After an arrest, the person usually has the chance to pay bail to be released from jail pending their hearings. They should go ahead and contact a lawyer at this point if possible. The lawyer can start working on their case right away and can help with all upcoming court appearances. The faster someone contacts a lawyer for help, the more time the lawyer has to prepare a defense.

At Least a Few Weeks Before Court

It’s possible the person may not know they need a lawyer or have enough funds to pay a retainer. Even if they need to gather the money to cover the retainer, they need to hire a lawyer as quickly as possible. The lawyer will need at least a few weeks before the first court appearance to become familiar with the case so they can give their client the right advice and help.

If you have been arrested or believe you may be arrested soon, go ahead and contact a lawyer as fast as possible. When the lawyer has more time to look into your case and prepare a defense, there’s more they can do to help you. Visit now to learn more about the help offered by a lawyer or to find a lawyer for a consultation.