A Guide on Several Celebrity Drug Deaths That Never Made Deadlines

One thing that many celebrities struggle with personal life because the moment they are in the light, nothing of them is private and that is a great challenge to many of them. For example, when a celebrity dies, you will always see the story on the front page news has the fans and other celebrities send their condolences and tribute using different platforms such as social media. On the same way you find people sending condolences and tribute in the same way you find people speculating on the causes of the day some might be posting the truth will others might just be seeing what they think such as drugs, accident, and other different scandals. One important thing you will note is that when some celebrities died, the story goes down and no one years about them anymore when there are those that their stories will make the headlines for very long. Given in this article are some of the celebrity drug deaths that never made the headlines.

Brad Renfro died in 2008 at the age of 25 years. The tragic death of Brad Renfro occurred when another famous actor Heath Ledger passed on and therefore the date of Brad Renfro was overshadowed and therefore never made the headlines. Since childhood, Brad Renfro play different roles in different films such as The Client, Sleepers and Ghost World In 2005, it was charged with possession of heroin and that is why he spent most of his time in heroin rehab until he died accidentally of the heroin overdose.

Lisa Robin Kelly is also a very famous person especially for her role in “That 70’s Show.” Many people never knew that Lisa Robin Kelly had an issue as she struggled a lot with substance abuse. She tried her best to get help because just before she died, she had checked herself into an inpatient rehabilitation center for drugs and alcohol. While in the facility, Lisa Robin Kelly overdosed from a cocktail of pills and she died at the age of 43.

It is possible that you fully know Glenn Quinn from his role as Becky’s husband on the show known as Angel. For over 20 years, Glenn Quinn played very important roles in different elevations and movie roles and that led to his success. It was unfortunate that he died at the age of 32 due to a heroin overdose at a friend’s house.

One of the roles that Amanda Peterson played in the 1987 romantic comedy known as, Can’t Buy Me Love can tell you more about her. Before the fateful day when she died, she was diagnosed with heart and lung disease and was under several medications, but she died because of overdose from a deadly cocktail of prescription drugs and slide of respiratory failure.

Skye McCole Bartusiak died at the end of that one because of an accidental overdose of painkillers and muscle relaxes, but was a talented star.