Some Football Facts to Share Over the Chip Bowl on Game Day

Football has been here with us for a long time although it was until 1892 that the American football was officially recognized as a sport. Since then, people flock stadium or simply watch from the comfort of their homes through televisions whenever there is a game. Overall, no matter how you choose to cheer on your favorite teams, you ought to arm yourself with football facts so that you have something to say during the game. Mentioned below are some of the American football facts you want to grasp.

On of the football facts you want to know is that viewers enjoy players’ pain. Strange as it may seem, it is very true.. However, enjoy is not the most accurate term to us in this case. People cannot seem to look away when injuries occur. That is why injuries get more serene time tan player celebrating a win. In short, pain is more fascinating and entertaining than the actual win.

If you want to become rich, you should consider owning a football team. The only way to make good money is to spend good money. With that in mind, did you know that one NFL football team could earn you over a billion dollars?

You should also note that Baltimore is a huge fun of the writer Poe. For those who love the Baltimore Ravens, you ought to love Alan Poe as well. You should know that Poe is the writer of the famous poem “The Raven”.

You also need to know that the first televised football game was aired in the year 1939. Even though football was established in 1892, the first professional game aired in October22,1939. All thanks to the National Broadcasting Company for making that happen.

You should also note that soccer players would have been great at traditional football as well. It is important to also note the fact that cows with football aspirations have bad odds. In simple terms, 600 cows can create enough footballers for one NFL season.

It is important to also note that the a deaf man invented the Huddle and the longest football throw is more impressive than any basketball half court shot. That is why you should know that the longest successful field goal was kicked sixty four yards away.

You should also note that in order to play, you want to have a ton of balls. Well, a team is required to have 36 balls in good condition in order for a game to start.

The other two facts about football are that football was almost illegal and the highest paid player is worth 250 million dollars. Well, before there were helmets, football was termed as a dangerous game.

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