Amazing Facts about USB Types

USB cords are very useful in the day-to-day life because you can even use them to charge almost all your devices. The USB types that you buy greatly affect your life but most people are not well informed about USB cords. By reading this article, you will learn more about some amazing facts about USB types.

The first amazing fact about USB types is that they have involved over time. Because USB cables may still evolve, when wireless charging comes about, it will not spell the end of using USB cables. The other interesting fact about USB is that you will find the are differentiated using numbers. The number on the USB cable will provide you with information about its technical specifications. The type USB 1.0 came about in the year 1996 and offered many organizations with a convenient way of connecting the computers external devices. Early 2000, the USB 2.0 came into being and provided higher transfers speeds, and it also provided the ability to charge devices. Because it was possible to recharge batteries, cell phones emerged.

The USB 3.0 then also debuted in the year 2008 and has been the standard in the modern world which provides higher speeds and more power output. Presently, the USB 3.1 has also debuted and provides bi-directional power which means that it can charge both of the connected devices. You should also know that another amazing fact about USB cables is that they have a letter which corresponds to a different type of standard connector. USB type A is among the first type of USB connectors that were made available, and you usually use it to charge your phone.

Another USB type that you should know about is the USB type B connector which debuted with the USB 1.0 but is not very popular. Other USB cables that are used in the modern world are the USB type C cables that are faster though they are small connectors. The other amazing fact about USB cables is that they are mini and micro USB cables which are smaller than their common USB connectors. You will find that the micro USB is now the standard because most phones are today small in size. If you want to find other interesting reads about the top facts about different types of USB, click here.