Remembering the Golden Age Of Fuse TV

In the early 2000s fans of rock music had a tough time since the radio stations were covered with Boy Bands and Teeny Boppers. Reality television covered MTV air time and hardly could your hear music played on the stations. The common programs at this time were Napster and LimeWire with MTV2 playing two or three Britney Spears songs and NSYNC videos repeatedly the whole day.

For those who were privileged to have internet, they could not enjoy song download since the internet was too slow and took long hours to finish one song. In case you would have got a phone, the internet was interrupted, and download stopped hence kept restating download again. Downloading a new song from new artists were a bit challenging since you had no idea whether the music was good. After this real struggle experienced by music fans, there arose the need of Fuse TV which enlightened the MTV and CMT and BET, all which helped music fans to discover new music.

In this article, we will show you the videos that first introduced in the early 2000s, the best Rock and Roll songs.

The first video that brought about rock revival was Last Night by The Strokes.This Song was recorded on a stage that resembled Ed Sullivan Show, and the best thing about this video was that it was straightforward and effective. This video was rough and had a raw sound unlike the clean-cut choreography that was usually played in the airwaves.

Fell in Love with A Girl done by the White Stripes was another video that was introduced by Fuse TV, this music band was a household name during the early 2000s.

There, There was a song that was recorded by the Radiohead and was already fascinating without the video.The video portrayed the singer Thom Yorke crawling through a weird forest with forest creatures that resembles human, it was completely mesmerizing, especially at the climax when the forest turns on him.

AudioSlave who recorded a song Show Me How to Live; Audioslave was a master collection of big rock combination, Tom Morelos’ who played heavy guitar licks and Chris Cornell’s Soaring voice. Audioslave had regular airtime from their recordings but the chase scene from Show Me How to Live made the breakthrough.

Bandages caught the attention of most viewers in the early 2000s and were recorded by Hot Hot Heat. This song provides the pieces of horror as used in music in the early 2000s, it includes a scene which shows some terrifying apparatus, stretched faces and tap that say don’t worry now being played repeatedly.This Song shows a trio of old women undergoing through plastic surgery.

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