Career Options In The Jewelry Industry

This article will help you set a foot in the jewel industry.

In this article, you will learn about the top five career choices in the jewel industry.

Identifying whether a piece of jewelry is expensive or not is a must for a gemstone appraiser.

Part of the gemstone appraiser’s work is to identify and describe pieces of jewelry or stones and he must be able to tell the exact value.

A gem appraiser uses a particular formula to tell the value of a specific piece of jewelry, which will aid those are interested in retail selling and insurance companies.

Gemstone appraisers are as valuable as the jewels themselves since they are paid more than $55,000.00

You may even consider becoming a gemstone manufacturer if utilizing math and science skills is not your thing.

In this article you will find out that a gemstone manufacturer is paid a little over $40,000.00 in 2018.

Gemstone manufacturers will fulfill your dream jewelry, his job is to create a beautiful jewelry out of a rough gemstone.

In this article, you will learn that you can enjoy jewelry while traveling at the same time by becoming a wholesale gemstone purchaser.

A wholesale gemstone purchaser’s work is to search the globe for beautiful stones, import them and offer it to the market.

A wholesale gemstone purchaser is worth a little more than $53,000.00

The next career choice in the jewel industry is being a gemstone salesperson or a store manager.

If you are someone who is good in sales, goal-oriented, self-motivated, and has solid analytical and business skill, well being a gemstone salesperson or a store manager might be the job for you in the jewelry since you will be tasked to effectively meet the needs of the customers and convince them to purchase the item.

A jewelry sales representative’s average salary is $42,000.00 while a jewelry sales manager is $47,000.00

If you are able to analyze, certify and describe each gemstone, a good career choice for you in the jewelry industry is becoming a gemologist.

You can become one of the three types of gemologists: lab gemologist, auction gemologist, and retail gemologist.

The retail gemologist works in a store, he makes repairs on a piece of jewelry, and identifies whether a jewelry is fake, authentic or made from a lab by a quick examination.

A lab gemologist examines and investigates gemstones with the use of microscope and laboratory equipment.

An auction gemologist handles private jewelry and sells them in auctions.

To know more about the mentioned career options in the jewelry industry and get information on how to become one go read this article.