Sports Capturing the Attention of the Youth

Soccer is one game that youth take interest in around the world, they do not only enjoy it but it brings them together to have a fun time. Soccer sporting activities among the youth is an opportunity to discover the talent that is within them and make something of it through developing it. Parents come together to appreciate the youths in schools who take an active role in helping the youth become better players and make a career of the game. Youths will grow socially as well when they are paired with professionals to help them develop their talents.

Soccer like other games requires a lot of teamwork and this is a quality that the sport will help youths develop when they are in training. if you are training to go pro you will, have to keep your body fit, the youth benefit by having good physical forms as well. Soccer engages the mind and the physical all the time especially as a pro player, that makes sure the youth stay away from illegal activities. Soccer also teaches discipline where the youth learn to relate with people on authority and take instructions from them as well. LA Galaxy and what it has achieved is bound to make youths give a second thought to soccer. The club is taking an active role in developing soccer in the country at large.

The club has programs that they run that take in children as young as eighteen months to start training soccer in their facilities. This has to happen with the consent of the parent of course . At age eighteen months might seem young but its early enough to start horning motor skills of a future professional footballer.

The players that have been in the LA Galaxy (LAG) training academy are beginning to flourish and heading on to avenues that will propel them o higher levels of professional soccer and this shows that the LAG program is a success. The signing of Ibrahimovic has been a big move for LA Galaxy as they give inspiration to young players that look up to him , the player also brings a lot of attention to the LAG no doubt. David Beckham playing for the LA Galaxy also put the team on the spotlight as he helped the team develop , children who see such stars go through LAG will start paying attention to the sport.