Airplane facts every frequent flyer should know about

The number of aeroplanes and passengers on this company flying on the air at any given time is 9,728 and 1,270 406 respectively. Some facts about airliners and aviation are mind-blowing. There are very few accidents associated with aeroplanes than with cars. Below are many more facts about flying that will help get lead of your plane fears. Lightning is terrifying for everybody. It is even more horrifying to see it hit the plane you are in. The previous lighting to have caused damages to the plane and passengers happened in 1927 so there is no need to worry. The designs of plain these days do not get affected by any lightning magnitude.

If you have ever wondered why it is necessary to dim the lights when taking off and landing, there is a reason for it. This process helps the crew to adjust their eyes to the darkness. In case of an accident both the crew and passengers will be able to handle the clumsiness even when it is dark. The window blinds have to be up so that in case of an emergency the crew members can asses the safer side for evacuation. Planes can run on one engine in case the other one fails. No matter how far you are to your destination one engine will be enough for the job. Without both engines, a plane can land safely by gliding.

Some passengers have been flying all their life, but still they have a fear of turbulence even if they are harmless. Though one may feel like the plane is falling, turbulence only moves the plane up to 20 feet or 100 feet in rare cases. Sometimes the airline are not to blame when the food they serve does not taste good. When the plane is at thousands of meters above; there are pressure and low humid in the cabin that causes food to be tasteless. This environment you cannot taste any sweetness or saltiness in the food. There are ashtrays in the plane even if smoking is a criminal offence.

They are for the smokers who do it secretly even though it is a criminal offence. You may think that aeroplanes cruising through the air might cause significant pollution through carbon dioxide emissions. Airplane emissions only contribute 2% of the global green emissions. There is a small hole in the window. This hole is the breather that acts as a pressure regulator. Private jets can be cheaper than business class. Renting a private jet when you are a group of people will translate into sharing costs.