Best Cities for Millenials to Thrive

Millennials are the people born between 1981 and b1996 and they happen to be a very unique generation. This generation has been and continues to be major influencer of cultural change that affects our everyday life. They have an innate passion for innovating , action , inventions and change in general.

, therefore,s therefore are like no other and are better suited to some areas in life than other generations. Studies have shown that there are some cities that are more preferred by millenials than others. Such cities will mostly be the areas where change trends are started . The following cities for n you if you are a millennial and want to be among people that share the same interests as you. Overland Park, Kansas is suburb that you would not expect millenials but if you dwell I deeper you will see why many of this generation are moving here.

This particular areas filled with employment opportunities that are good for the millennial generation and in addition to that they offer low costs of living. Overland park is also close to Kansas city which means when you need that energy only a city can give you can have it. New York is another hot choice for millennials because it has a lot to offer them. When it comes to residential are the millennial will opt for Harlem and Brooklyn because they are more affordable in such an advanced urban setting.

There is almost every kind of industry that you can think of in New York and that means many millennials find their footing for their young careers . New York has been said to be an area to test your endurance and limits, if you can make it in the big apple then you are ready to take anywhere else and millennial will give New York a try and see what it has in store for them.

Nashville with its steady job growth and low cost of living wins the hearts of many millennials as those are the two main things they will be looking for. Nashville has managed to maintain its southern roots besides having many people move there from all over. San Francisco has to make the list as a great city for the millennial generation due to the many opportunities it has. This is a great innovation center where drive and passion can see you hit any milestones you have in life, companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have set up shop here and that goes to tell you the potential this place holds. Millennial generation want to work hard but also want to enjoy a lifestyle out of work to the fullest and the place for you is Denver.

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