Five Things You Need to Know about What Weed Does to your Body

There is always a bad perception held by those individuals who do not use weed. Most users are looked down upon as people who cannot deal with their habit. What most people do not know is that you can quit using weed whenever you like. Compared to heroin or tobacco the dependence for weed is lower. Below are some of the interesting things that weed does to your body.

Sparks Creativity
A lot of people have epiphanies when they are high. You will find artists accrediting some of their best pieces to weed. The truth is that weed helps to enhance creativity. Weed influences creativity through changing the functionality of the brain. Weed has an impact on neural transition, and this helps to make your imagination more lively.

Helps to Boost Your Libido
Something else that marijuana does to your system is the enhancement of your sex drive. With weed, your senses are sharper. This means that whatever, you touch, see or feel is amplified. On top of that, weed raises the heart rate. If you are someone who has a low sex drive you need to try weed for libido.

Treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease
The use of marijuana has been known to reduce the symptoms of IBS. According to studies, patients suffering from ulcerative colitis which is an inflammatory bowel disease benefit from weed. It has the ability to reduce the inflammation caused by the diseases. Studies indicate that those patients who have used weed to treat inflammatory bowel diseases have experienced relief within a short time. Weed has to be used in high dosages when treating such conditions.

Treats Epileptic Seizures
Weed is also known for reducing epileptic seizures in most patients suffering from this condition. There is a drug containing Cannabidiol meant for epileptic patients that is awaiting approval. According to scientists, this drug can help in treating epileptic seizures.

Helps to Prevent Cancer Spread
This is one of the most significant advantages of marijuana. Weed has a chemical component called Cannabidiol which helps to prevent cancer from spreading. According to research, those cancer patients who use marijuana record an improvement faster than those who do not. The CBD in weed helps to reduce the growth of cancer cells in the body. It has worked for different types of cancer such as breast cancer, stomach cancer, and throat cancer among many others. In addition to this, you should have in mind that tobacco leads to lung cancer but weed does not.

If you do use weed, it is essential to consider your surrounding especially your work environment. Weed can last long in your system and sometimes you may need to take a drug test.

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